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 The MLD-4500 is a 4 channel light dimmer that allows you
to control 4 sources of light via MIDI
Each of the 4 power outputs listens simultaneously to 1 MIDI controller
and 1 MIDI note on any MIDI channel independently.
(8 control sources for each MLD-4500).
Several MLD-4500's can be daisy-chained via the MIDI Thru connector.
128 MIDI notes & 128 MIDI controllers on 16 MIDI channels = 2048 lights!
MIDI controllers gives you an easy way to vary the intensity of each channel.  
 Full detail on this product, download MLD-4500.pdf brochure.
Dimensions  165 x 105 x 65 mm
Weight 980 Gr
Connectors MIDI In - Thu
AC Input EEC Connector
AC Output 4 X EEC Connector
Control 6 X Push Buttons
Display 4 X Led 3mm
FAQ About the MLD-4500