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MicroSync/24 is certainly the smallest MIDI to Sync/24 interface. 
It allows you to control a range of old and vintage sequencers, 
drum computers or bass-lines with the actual MIDI system.
The µ-Sync is slaved to the MIDI real-time commands such as 
MIDI Clock,  Start and Stop. 
Some devices will also support the Continue function.
Roland MC 4, MC 8, MC 202,TB 303,TR 606,
    TR 808, CR 5000, CR 8000, Jupiter 8 arpegiator
Korg KPR-55, KPR-77,DDM110, DDM220
any other device controlable by 24 pulses per quarter note
Plug & Play
    Ready to use.
    Easy to install, only 2 cables and that's all.
    Plug it and forget it, no buttons, no parameters.
    No power supply or batteries.
Dimensions   90 X 60 X 32 mm
Weight 65 Gr
Connectors MIDI In
Sync Out
Signal Input MIDI Data
Signal Output Positive or Negative TTL
Sync Out 24 PPQN
Roland Norm
Display Led 3mm