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Micro ASC means Micro Analog Sequencer Control
It allows you to control the "Clock" & "Reset"
commands of a analog sequencer by 2 MIDI notes.
One note of your keyboard advances your sequencer
step by step, the other one "reset" the sequencer
when needed, eg. at the beginning of a song.
You can select the MIDI channel and the two notes.
Programation is done by MIDI from your keyboard or sequencer.
The parameters are kept in a batteryless non volatile memory.
The output is a DIN 5 connector, a cable splitting
into 2 jacks is included in package.
Plug & Play
    Ready to use.
    Easy to install, only 2 cables and that's all.
    Plug it and forget it, no buttons, only 3 parameters.
    No power supply or batteries.
Dimensions   90 X 60 X 32 mm
Weight 65 Gr
Connectors MIDI In
DIN5 + Output cable supplied.
Signal Input MIDI Data
Signal Output Clock & Reset
Display Led 3mm