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Micro MIDI Filter is certainly the smallest MIDI Channel Filter.
It allows you to select a MIDI channel that will be present 
at the MIDI output.
Tipical applications are:
Selecting a single midi channel for instruments receiving only in
MIDI OMNI  such as Roland JX-3P and more.
Avoiding to program a MIDI channel everytime you start your 
Roland TR-909 / Juno 106 / Jupiter 8 and more
Programation is done by MIDI from your keyboard or sequencer.
Selecting a new MIDI channel is done by sending 2 consecutive 
"Program Changes" between 1-16
The parameters are keps in a batteryless non-volatile memory.
Plug & Play
    Ready to use.
    Easy to install, only 2 cables 1 parameter entry and that's all.
    Plug it and forget it, no buttons, only 1 parameter.
    No power supply or batteries.
Dimensions   90 X 60 X 32 mm
Weight 65 Gr
Connectors MIDI In
Signal Input MIDI Data
Signal Output Filtered MIDI Channel
Display Led 3mm